Males Mate Choices Across Cultures

While there are some basic similarities between men and women on the kind of mate they would like, there are some differences. Men and women generally prefer partners that are agreeable, attractive, have a sense of humor and are cooperative. However, men tend to care more about attractiveness and age than women do. Men also care less about personal and cultural success than women do. When it comes to sex, which for men is general more important, men prefer women with a higher sex drive. Attractiveness in terms of body features and age, men on average are most attracted to women in the early 20s, with proportionally longer legs to their body size, small abdomen, firm breasts and a waist-to-hip ratio of about 0.7. For the face, clean skin (free of blemishes), big smile, prominent cheek bones and large eyes, are most attractive.

There is a good agreement across cultures on the most attractive features and a better agreement on the least attractive ones.

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