A New Year for the Female Orgasm

Some very interesting research has been done in 2019 about the female orgasm, an often forgotten aspect of the sexual conversation.

New research surveying 1,293 women, looked into how to increase the likelihood of having an orgasm during sex. The study indicated two strong physical ways to do so. One such way, which may be pretty obvious, is direct “precise” clitoral stimulation. The other way is from a back-and-forth pelvic motion from the women. The findings also suggested that the motion , even without direct clitoral stimulation, would increase the frequency of orgasms.

Chasing after having an orgasm might be counter intuitive to most, focusing too much on it can cause it not to happen. However, not just one, but two recent studies looked in to how focusing on having an orgasm during sex has an effect on actually having one. The studies showed that having an orgasm as a priority, but not the main focus, can increase the frequency of having one.

Read about more studies here: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/myths-desire/201912/year-in-review-the-latest-sex-research-womens-orgasm

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